Deep Sleep Sounds

White Noise for You and Your Baby

Deep Sleep Sounds are calming and relaxing sounds that will help you and your baby fall asleep faster and for a longer duration.


Reviews from users of Deep Sleep Sounds Pro

by naqin - Mar 05, 2017

It good
by 808InYaFace - Mar 03, 2017
It good It very good Help sleep It good

Definitely worth it!!
by theofficialkw - Mar 02, 2017
I don't usually purchase apps but this app is amazing. I have horrible insomnia but with this app I'm out cold 👊🏽✌🏽

Thoroughly Impressed
by AngelD_42 - Feb 28, 2017
Really helps me to relax.

Great product!
by Lil2epic - Feb 27, 2017
Awesome app to help you sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping because of small noises around your house, buying this app is a must!

Sounds of Silence
by Newsy B - Feb 23, 2017
My 10 month old grandson loves this app. That's good enough for me!!

$3.99 well spent
by hollaronda - Feb 21, 2017
If you have noisy neighbors, rowdy roommates or people you just hate to hear, tune them out with white noise playing as long as your battery lasts.

by Need my white noise - Feb 18, 2017
Well done! This is the first sound app I've been impressed with and I've tried a few. Sleeping well on the road.

by Qweetyzoop9651 - Feb 17, 2017
Can't sleep without it!!!

by Jessixoxoxolove - Feb 14, 2017
This app is amazing to help you or your little one sleep! Best purchase ever

Valuable find
by Jeff1111111113333 - Feb 13, 2017
Very happy I found this app. I usually travel with a fan but one was not available recently. I used the app and slept great.

Definitely worth it!!
by theofficialkw - Feb 12, 2017
I don't usually purchase apps but this app is amazing. I have horrible insomnia but when I turn on the brown noise and play around with the oscillation I'm out cold 👊🏽✌🏽

Sono garantido 🤤
by QuinhoTavares - Feb 10, 2017

More Sounds?
by Maddie202 - Feb 06, 2017
I love it, the rain sounds help me sleep and the brown with studying however it would be nice if there were a few more sounds than just these. It's the same ones as in the free app, the full version should have more options.

Awesome when away from home!!!
by elizzylou13 - Feb 04, 2017
I found this app on a hockey tournament weekend with my kids. After the first night not sleeping and running from rink to rink all day exhausted. It saved my weekend ❤ I tell everyone about it.

Great app!
by The Rev68 - Feb 04, 2017
Great app!

Quality vs Quantity
by Gmgmgm34 - Feb 03, 2017
Very clean . . . use the heartbeat for adults and dogs. Limited recordings, but well done. A rag doll cat's purr would be welcome. Thanks!

Great white noise app
by Laeta00 - Feb 01, 2017
This app is great! Fade is an excellent feature I use it for my baby and now even when I'm sleeping. I like all of the different options. Definitely worth the buy.

by Lisa B 2003 - Jan 30, 2017
Hands down the best white noise app I've ever used.

by Gobikinigo - Jan 30, 2017
It works great. I love the low hum of the fan.

Great for travel
by R.khalsa - Jan 29, 2017
Works as well as my air cleaner at home. It's totally changed the quality of my sleep when I travel.

Great app
by Ha!NoWay! - Jan 28, 2017
Great app, it helps my toddler sleep and blocks noises from outside the bedroom.

Puts the whole family to sleep!
by Soulgirl0921 - Jan 23, 2017
I've got a husband, baby and dog in our bedroom every night and this app does the trick to put us all asleep and stay asleep. The brown noise is a lifesaver for drowning out my dog's snoring. Well worth the purchase price!

Just what I needed
by Deena330 - Jan 22, 2017
Great app. Had to pay $4 to get "continuous mode" (instead of stopping after 1 hour) but worth it for me to find the right noise so I can sleep!

Best White Noise App Out There!!
by Catholicmomof4 - Jan 22, 2017
I have five children, my youngest is six months old. Throughout my kids' in fancies I have tried every white noise app out there, even paying up to and over five dollars for apps that I thought might help. See, as a family grows, so does the noise level around the house. And the house doesn't get any bigger either! So in order to have well rested, happy babies and children, we have to be able to block out all decibels of arguing, crying, laughing, screeching, roughhousing, etc. Well, we especially needed a good white noise app this time around....we have three boys who share a room and now a seven year old daughter who has to share her room with her baby sister. For now the baby sleeps in a cradle in our room, and the kids are always banging in and out of there and in the hallway outside our bedroom door. The "vacuum cleaner" noise on this app blocks out even the LOUDEST noises around the house and the barking dogs and constant loud yard work going on at the neighbor's house! We could not survive without this app. Thank you for making such an awesome quality product at a great value for all of us sleep-deprived parents out there!

Go the f to sleep baby
by Iridane N. - Jan 20, 2017
Helps my baby sleep without me personally shushing him till my throat goes raw. Thank you for my throat and sanity.

Great sound machine
by BenSowle - Jan 20, 2017
I like having my sound machine everywhere I go. Just mad I paid $60 for a sound machine before I found this app. I don't use the old sound machine anymore.

by Fantazum - Jan 18, 2017
Realistic sounds. Lots of options. Very relaxing. Our 1-month old loves it.

Hard to Beat When It's Hard to Sleep
by Adamski2505 - Jan 10, 2017
I've always been a terrible sleeper at night, restless and easily woken but this has really helped me nod off. Worth the Paid version easily. Thank You !

Pretty good
by Firesideguy - Jan 10, 2017
I live near a busy street and this app has solved my problem of being awaken by passing traffic, police sirens, and yells of "my babies been shot!" Good job

Do you have to sleep with someone who snores? This APP is for you!!
by Wordsmith 213 - Jan 03, 2017
I recently had to share a hotel room with my sister who snores horribly! I was desperate and needed something quick. I found this app and it transported me to slumberville. I use the fan sound and could not even hear her. I used the app on my plane ride home and it helped me to sleep. I can't recommend this app enough. It is wonderful! I suggest you splurge for the purchased version so you can use the sounds without having to restart!

Great Replacement for my Fan When Traveling
by EKRUEP - Dec 31, 2016
This app has the most authentic fan sound I could find. I discovered it when I traveled and needed to simulate the fan I am used to running all night at home. It's so good I'm even considering using it for white noise at home instead of my fan anymore :)

by Mzava123 - Dec 31, 2016
Amazing! Downloaded the app for a trip. I had no trouble sleeping thanks to this app!

Helps me sleep when I'm traveling
by Nurse pandemonium - Dec 30, 2016
I sleep with a fan on at home, but I travel frequently and then don't sleep well. So glad I found this app to help me sleep while out of town, I'd be a mess without it.

Couldn't live with out this app!!!
by Haaaaaannnnah - Dec 29, 2016
This app is amazing I couldn't sleep at night without it. I had to get rid of my box fan and this app does a wonderful job in place of it. (The actual fan dries out the fiancées nose) I just need the noise!! I bought the app so I could have longer than one hour. When you buy it gives you up to 12 hours! Thank you!

Luv this app
by Ogdenguy52 - Dec 26, 2016
Great selection of sounds, the app works very good with no bugs. One of the few times I've paid for the upgrade of an app and been totally satisfied ! I highly recommend this app.

White noise app
by Legalredhead - Dec 23, 2016
This is the best app! Helped us sleep in a noisy hotel thank you😀

Great App
by R2D2 V - Dec 23, 2016
I downloaded the free app to try out for with my 4 month son to use for naps. After success with the first nap, I purchased the app so I could play all night long. Works great and I can easily use it when we're away from home.

Sound asleep!
by RoadieBrodie - Dec 22, 2016
Love the distant thunder! Puts me right to sleep.

by Gastrodoc2 - Dec 20, 2016
Impressive app, well thought out... delivers sound quality similar to some of the better sleep machines out there. Get the pro version- worth the extra.....zzzzzz

It works.
by Buga£ina - Dec 19, 2016
Excellent app! I've been using for about a week, I use the ocean waves sound- been falling right to sleep every night. The full version is worth the purchase price.

Just right
by Mickaviation - Dec 16, 2016
Simple to use and gets the job done very well. Just what I needed.

by Shake196 - Dec 13, 2016
Sounds real. Have had great nights sleeping. Worth the price.

by Johnny Sinister - Dec 11, 2016
Thank you for this app! This sounds help me to relax and go to sleep. I have a Trumatic brain injury and this does me so much good and relaxation! Keep the sounds coming.

Favorite app!!!
by Shanna_Rainey - Dec 05, 2016
Don't know how I've lived without this app until now!

Sleeping all night
by Brkrios - Dec 03, 2016
My upstairs neighbors are super loud. I don't notice them while using this app. It's awesome to get to sleep all night again!

Use this app nearly every night
by JessicaGraceWilson - Nov 30, 2016
I have been looking for a great fan noise for sleep time and this app brought it to me. We use it nearly every night and especially while traveling. 👍🏼

Sleeping babies are great
by Emmaolle01 - Nov 29, 2016
Loved its continuous noises that helped Bub sleep but were also nice enough for me to sleep with aswell

by Jamandaletson - Nov 28, 2016

Efficient and as good as it gets
by Gmagigi - Nov 21, 2016
I have used a sound machine for years. Every time we traveled, I hauled a travel version with me. This trip I forgot my machine, so I went looking for an app to work as well as my machine. I am so glad I found this one. Goodbye old machine. Hello new best friend.

No need to buy a physical noise machine
by Kitsploder - Nov 11, 2016
Bought the full download after a few minutes, and why not? This app does more than a $20 white noise machine, and it's worked great for quieting a fussy baby. The loops are not exactly seamless and there's occasional overmodulation that I find distracting, but these are easy fixes and not very noticeable.

by Ljalhafa - Nov 11, 2016
Ребенок обожает ваш розовый шум и спит под него 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Спасибо 😊

Very convenient
by GetYourZzzzzs - Nov 03, 2016
I used to travel with a bulky portable sound machine. This app has made that device obsolete.

Love it!
by Jachoyt - Oct 28, 2016
Plenty of noise options! Timer is great because I only need it on for a few hours in the beginning if the night! Helps me sleep in the noisy city!

Works well!
by gacdlx - Oct 27, 2016
The 1-hour free version was very soothing so I upgraded within 48 hours. Totally worth it!

Great App!
by Davidpruitt - Oct 14, 2016
Great way to drown out barking dogs, loud neighbors, burglars.... Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.... Great way to get some sleep amidst distractions, well worth the money.

Sehr nützlich
by LiviaRose127 - Oct 13, 2016
Unser Baby liebt "das weiße Rauschen" zum und beim Schlafen. So schläft es auch viel länger am Stück. Wenn es sich mal gar nicht beruhigen kann (zB beim Autofahren) hilft der Sound "Mutterleib" super. Wir haben uns die Vollversion geholt. Sehr gut investiertes Geld!

by Jwowd - Oct 07, 2016
Great app! Use it for my infant and she now sleeps all night! 100% recommend

Attention snorers! This works!
by Typoonic - Sep 26, 2016
After almost 60(!) years of marriage we have solved the snoring problem. The "brown noise" setting on this app carries a lot of the same low frequencies as the sound of snoring. I've connected my ipad to an old Bose radio because it is very bass-heavy. Any audio with decent bass would work, but the key is to use something that can reproduce the lower frequencies. I upgraded to the paid app to get extended time. It gets turned on when we go to bed and we both have had uninterrupted sleep since we've been using it. We are both snorers and neither one of us has had to "bail out" since we've been using this app. Our hearing becomes adjusted very quickly to the low frequency of the brown noise setting and the sound seems to "disappear." When the snoring begins, we both agree that we are vaguely aware of it, but it seems to blend in with the brown noise. The other settings may be applicable for other folks with different needs, but we are absolutely sold on brown noise as a snore buffer.

Proper native app
by okibelu - Sep 26, 2016
A proper native app with support for 3D Touch and other OS features. No ads or in-app purchases. Recommended. Only issue is I don't much like the colour and icon.

Love it!
by Duncanthecutedogsmom - Aug 23, 2016
This app is worth the price and creates a great environment to fall asleep. Air filter is my favorite sound.

Great app
by Dhlat - Jul 31, 2016
Brilliant sounds that help settle baby really quickly. Loved the free sounds so much upgraded to paid version.

Best Sleep Aid
by Trekkie730 - Jul 21, 2016
HI I love this app due to a chronic humming in my left ear it is the only way that I can sleep nothing else seemed to help until I discovered this app by chance when I got the chance to by the full version I bought it thank you so much.

Great app
by Apppmister - Jul 12, 2016
There are a lot of free sleep sound apps, but the free version of this app was unarguably the best. So good in fact that I UPGRADED WAAASUPPP BOY worth the $

by KateGally - May 29, 2016
Awesome sleep!

Great app for white noise
by Messmadd - May 14, 2016
Almost bought a £60 white noise machine, but decided to try this first and am so happy I did! It's terrific. I upgraded immediately to the version allowing continued playing, so it can go all night!

I use it every night!
by Christopher Marc_73 - May 10, 2016
I use Deep Sleep every night to drowned out ambient noise that keeps me awake; aka the stupid dog next door! I also take it with me traveling and connect via Bluetooth speaker to make it a bit louder. Great app. I only use the brown noise though.

Love this app
by Kf mom - Apr 26, 2016
This is a great app! I love the choice of having it play a continuous sound. My infant daughter passes out to the vacuum cleaner sound 😊

Awesome app for infants!!!
by Buuhhhsujahshshaushh - Mar 1, 2016
Love everything about it except I wish it had a heartbeat setting other than that this app is perfect I downloaded the free one but an hour wasn't enough so I paid 299 so I can get continuous noise while MyBaby and I sleep! Only suggestion would be to add a heartbeat function most babies love to hear heartbeats!!!

High Quality Sound
by Upnorth12 - Feb 22, 2016
I paid the $ 2.99 to get the continuos mode so I can sleep well in noisy hotels . This has saved me so I can a restful night of sleep waking to an early flight and I don't have to haul my sleep machine in my flight bag any more . Thank you so much for a quality app with no ads .

Great app!
by mrcooper09 - Feb 13, 2016
Excellent looping with no breaks in sound, very soothing sounds, like the option to have it play as soon as the app is opened.

Reviews from users of Deep Sleep Sounds Free

by KenGor Fong - Mar 06, 2017

Drown Out the Incessant TV Sounds
by SDHafu20 - Mar 05, 2017
I have people who live around me. I can't be free of TV noise and it drives me nuts especially when I'm trying to sleep. Since I can't get them to turn off their TV, I put on white noise and it helps me to fall asleep. It is my only solution and I'm thankful that it works.

My son loves this!
by ajackson22 - Mar 04, 2017
As a new mom to a very colicky baby, if I use "White Noise," "Womb," or "Vacuum" it instantly shushes him, snaps him out of crying, and helps him get to sleep. Five stars from this exhausted momma!!!

by Maaduhsuhn - Mar 04, 2017
Super helpful with a variety of sounds! I've been using this every night as I have trouble falling to sleep. The timer is also an AMAZING idea so you don't run out of your battery throughout the night!

Distant thunder is my favorite!
by JoyHopeFaith - Mar 04, 2017
A friend suggested a noise app for my sleep trouble. I thought it was absurd. Now I use it every night.

Business manager
by Kate from Pennsylvania - Mar 02, 2017
I frequently have difficulty falling asleep. This app is very relaxing and allows me to drift off to sleep naturally.I find it is one of the best parts of my day.

Clean and free
by OG23BOOST - Feb 27, 2017
This app is great and the developer seems like a genuinely nice person. And the app is free and the user interface is nice. Thank you.

It really helps!
by Sim_Kaur - Feb 27, 2017
I've been suffering from insomnia for over a year. Each night I used to get little to no sleep. I almost resorted to taking meds, but I thought I'd try this app first. The sounds really help! I find the light rain setting to be soothing, and I fall asleep within a few minutes. It's truly a lifesaver!!

by Kali786 - Feb 25, 2017
Seriously best thing invented ever!! If my baby sleeps i sleep! Whats good is that the noise can still be on in the background and i can carry on using my mobile in terms off fb and insta etc Very good app!

Works great
by TastySub - Feb 25, 2017
Solid app.

Great for Baby
by Telly1234567 - Feb 24, 2017
This app is great. I listen to pink noise regularly to get baby to sleep. I like brown noise for my. Sleep. The timer function helps tremendously.

by Janey-Bob - Feb 23, 2017
Perfect for helping soothe my 6w/o into a deeper sleep so I can put her down. Use it when Euan the sheep is indisposed. Also sends my husband off to sleep, not sure if that is a bonus or not!

Great for Baby
by RicRad84 - Feb 23, 2017
Some recommend that pink noise was great for soothing babies and so I downloaded this app and it's great. The free version plays an hour of each sound, which is long enough for your baby to fall into a deep sleep. If the sound stops you can just start it again (there's no limit of 1hr per day or anything), or if you pause/restart the sound it restarts the hour too. We put this on when we've just put our daughter to bed and it really helps to relax her so she can sooth herself to sleep.

Baby calming tool
by Dorigirlmandy - Feb 19, 2017
My baby has been super gassy and fussy at night and I found myself using the "shooshing" technique for fifteen minutes at a time. If I put this on fan really loud it snaps her out of crying. I also just let it run while we're sleeping and I find she sleeps more soundly. I also like for myself that if there's too much noise (people or tv downstairs) this completely drowns it out. I'm glad I found this

by jackgod12 - Feb 19, 2017
App very good

Great App!!!!
by The Wind Blows On - Feb 19, 2017
Loves the sound choices!!!

Great for falling asleep
by Sage328 - Feb 16, 2017
Has mechanical natural and neutral sounds so there's something for everyone, plus you can control it outside the app like Spotify/iTunes. The one hour on the free version is more than enough time to get me to sleep!

by AnnaMResta05 - Feb 16, 2017
Love it

by AMA_zingggg - Feb 15, 2017
This app is amazing. My son sleeps instantly after playing this fan noise. Thanks for creating this app.

New Baby
by RSFoster - Feb 14, 2017
Wife and I just had our first kid. This app has saved us so many times including right now. Our new one zones our while playing the white noise which is saved our sanity

A really good app
by BiddyA - Feb 14, 2017
Provides many noises for sleep aid, including fan noises which are often overlooked in these types of apps

by Jumpingjellybeans8 - Feb 12, 2017
I love this app and I continue to use it every night. My favorite sound is the light rain! I've used other apps but I find most of their sounds annoying. Not this one!

It does what it says it does
by Crumbs85 - Feb 10, 2017
Simple app with white noise soundtracks. Helping to put our newborn to sleep!

Awesome app!
by Googly Eyesss - Feb 10, 2017
Love that it has so many options for sounds as well as length of time options. It works like a charm to get my newborn baby to fall right to sleep with the pink noise. It's nice that it still works while using other features on my phone as well.

Dreaming good
by Mackenzie(: - Feb 09, 2017
I just got this app not too long ago and I've been having the weirdest dreams! Every night I fall asleep listening to the ocean sound and it knocks me out almost immediately! I have such bad insomnia and usually have to take sleeping medication, but this app has made it so much easier to have a good nights sleep! Highly recommend!

by Its_me_vannatter - Feb 09, 2017
I love it! But it doesn't have too many sounds, but it does have the one I love! The fan . . .

White noise
by Bindasmith - Feb 09, 2017
Great app for babies

Nighty nite
by Fitly - Feb 09, 2017
I play brown noise for 30min & i've never be awake to hear it turn off:) i am a very light sleeper & usually take forever to fall asleep, love this app

It works!
by Allreb - Feb 08, 2017
Nothing fancy but it plays white noises, which is all I need it for.

Nice variety of non-water sounding choices
by Kmh999 - Feb 04, 2017
The sounds are great and offer a nice variety of non-water related choices which is why I like it most. I live in an apartment and it helps drown out sounds of the neighbor's newborn :). I only need it for short periods of time so the free version is perfect. I will probably buy the regular version prior to our next vacation as I can see this working very well to drown out noises at hotels. Great app!

Lovely App
by Footprint123455 - Feb 02, 2017
I really love the fan and hairdryer options. They make falling asleep at night so much easier. They play just long enough for you to fall asleep but not so long as to drain your battery by morning. Thank you for this app!

Distant Thunder
by Mimomom - Feb 01, 2017
I use this every night to go to sleep. I set the timer for 15 min and have never heard it go off. Keep up the good work!

Brown Noise?! Who Knew!?
by MJBee83 - Jan 31, 2017
I rely on this app to get a good night's rest. The Brown Noise option is my favorite and works like a charm to block out the noisy neighbors in my apt complex.

Great app
by Lkjjuvfgh - Jan 31, 2017
Helps calm my baby down.

by Ewatercold - Jan 30, 2017

by adlexe - Jan 28, 2017
Selbst in der gratis Version sind die meisten Geräusche in der Endlosschleife bis 1 Stunde verfügbar – genug Zeit um Einzuschlafen.

Works great to put baby to sleep
by FrenchNad - Jan 28, 2017
Love the ocean waves, rain and wind. So soothing for baby!

Helps my baby sleep!!!!!
by Jonesie7819 - Jan 27, 2017
I use the pink noise setting for my newborn and it works like a charm.

Well Done
by Myratingimo - Jan 27, 2017
controls are right where they are supposed to be. you will never get lost in the app. the developer provides nice functionality for free with a little room for premium.

Крутая программа для сна
by Annufish - Jan 25, 2017
Молодым мамам в помощь.

Love it!
by gLIT(hBIT(h - Jan 24, 2017
This app is my new BFF! Where have you been all my life!?

Best sound app out there!
by Cateerus - Jan 23, 2017
Quality noise tracks that are a pleasant constant that really help with sleep.

by A K-P - Jan 21, 2017
Great app, easy to use and a real range of sounds!

Love It
by KazyJ - Jan 21, 2017
Really enjoy this Deep Sleep App. Love how there are so many more options then just white noise. The rain on tent sound option was one I thought would be my fav, but there is a bird chirp that repeats and I'm not able to relax because of it. Pitty, otherwise awesome stuff.

I Love this app!
by Tired mcr - Jan 19, 2017
My daughter downloaded this app for me suggesting I needed it. And I was very apprehensive about using it. But from the very first night it has been awesome and I love it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My 5 year old loves it
by lynlizzle - Jan 16, 2017
The light rain is the best. My 5 year old even asks for it sometimes to help her calm down at bedtime. So glad I found this. I tend to worry a lot when trying to sleep and this really helps.

Great app for helping baby fall asleep
by Iridane N. - Jan 15, 2017
Wonderful and a lifesaver. Using the 5S method to soothe baby to sleep and the womb track works amazingly well.

Great app!
by Bob Newbell - Jan 14, 2017
A well-designed app that I use in noisy environments (e.g. coffee shops) to let me work without distraction.

Good dreams abound.
by Thornnn - Jan 13, 2017
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Snurffffle zzzzzzzzzzz

Very Relaxing; calming!
by RPCNYC - Jan 12, 2017
This app is amazing! It has so many white noise sounds to choose from and I am impressed that the sounds are very realistic, true to life sounds. I got this app to play as a white noise sound for the nursery, and it works like magic! Very soothing, relaxing and calming. My favorite is the fan sound! This app is highly recommended!

Deep sleep app is awesome.
by Bridiehun - Jan 10, 2017
Love the app. I have a month old baby who falls asleep almost instantly with the brown noise 😊

Very relaxing
by BrownDog88 - Jan 10, 2017
Great for falling asleep to.

Perfect for restless baby
by KLW32282 - Jan 09, 2017
Really helps calm my 14-month-old when he's rami from a long day.

by J16538 - Jan 09, 2017
Helps me get off to sleep just wish the thunder soundtrack had a bit more thunder

Tranquilizing a terror-stricken elder labrador
by Indianola Introvert - Jan 08, 2017
We live in a lovely village on the water in the Puget Sound area. Unfortunately, illegal fireworks have been "okay" with locals for years, and some holidays are a nightmare of concussive explosions. Our senior lab mix is terrorized by fireworks and due to her age, we were seriously concerned for her health. We decided to immerse our cottage in white noise and ambient music on New Year's eve. I searched for apps and found Deep Sleep. The Ocean Waves track worked perfectly, in fact far better than we expected. Since then, we have enjoyed using the app for contemplative practice and simply chilling. I am grateful for the Kitefaster's product and their attention to service. So is our 13-year old lab mix, who would have been terribly traumitized without the flow of ocean energy.

Amazing app for new mamas
by DevinberryRhae - Jan 08, 2017
Puts my baby to sleep every night. Amazing!

Love this app! Thank you!
by Jennale123 - Jan 07, 2017
I have been struggling with insomnia for the past few months, and this app has truly been a blessing! It is such a help! Thanks for this awesome app and the comfort that it brings me!

Good range of white noises
by cm2pt - Jan 05, 2017
My newborn falls asleep with these white noises. It plays for 1 hour in the free version. Phone could be locked while playing.

Great app
by Lolilililili - Jan 05, 2017
Helps me fall asleep every night!

by Faybbaby - Jan 03, 2017
This app is brilliant! It has saved my sanity. The rain noise is perfect background noise to fall asleep to and drowns out my noisy neighbours!

by LK Riley - Jan 03, 2017
Works great! Lots of choices.

Deep Sleep
by Beachlover53 - Dec 31, 2016
I like this app. I have terrible sleep habits so anything that helps I'm willing to try. I usually use the winter wind -think that's what it's called - sound.

by Su3D - Dec 30, 2016
I sleep like a baby - every night. This app replaced my other favorite. TY dev!

Great app
by caitlinbreanne - Dec 24, 2016
Use the womb sound to put my baby down to sleep every night. It's a great app.

Great App!!!
by Msarrogant - Dec 23, 2016
My 4 week old loves the Air Filter sound. Does great calming him! Thanks!

Very soothing
by nickenamename - Dec 23, 2016
When I find it difficult to drown out the worry or stress of the preceding day I can count on this app to send me off to sleep.

Much Needed App
by Rik Fett - Dec 22, 2016
Helps to relax my 1 month daughter when she's fussy. Also helps her to sleep well. Light raindrops create a soothing ambiance for me as well. Great app to have within reach wherever you are!! Price is very reasonable! What you wouldn't pay to ease your state of mind and body for yourself and child.....😴

Huge help with baby
by Jfryback - Dec 20, 2016
This is such an amazing app! It makes my nights with my newborn so much easier! The ocean puts him right to bed!

Great app
by Notyettaken - Dec 20, 2016
Love these sounds. Puts the kids to sleep and also relaxing to me

Great app!
by mel_cassel - Dec 18, 2016
Excellent app, use it to help my little one drift off to sleep. Good quality sounds! Thanks!

Best app
by Belyn - Dec 18, 2016
It's really useful to calm my newborn down and to sleep.

by Hella85 - Dec 18, 2016
Love this app!Really effective noises for keeping baby asleep that little bit longer when you need to get a shower or make dinner etc

by Ashesmart - Dec 16, 2016
Use it everyday to put my kids to sleep!

Best Sleep
by CKitaon - Dec 15, 2016
I have a hard time falling asleep it can take up to two hours after I lay down. I literally downloaded this one night desperate for sleep (someone was snoring also in the room). I put my ear buds in and turn on distant thunder and next thing I knew I was awake.

by GracieLaceyy96 - Dec 15, 2016
I have severe anxiety and had been getting terrible sleep for several nights. I decided to try using the sound of rain to soothe me to sleep, and this was my favorite app to use. You can choose how long you want it to play, it comes with several sounds if you're not into rain, and the sounds are very relaxing. I would definitely recommend getting this app.

So Glad I Found This App!!
by Lindzador - Dec 13, 2016
I love this app. I moved to an apartment with a lot of noises from the city, and was debating buying a white noise machine. Instead, I just set the app to Fan or Air Filter and it plays for an hour- plenty of time to fall right to sleep to it. I use it every night!!

Love this!
by pnharrel - Dec 12, 2016
Does the trick. Especially like ocean waves. Thank you!

Great app
by Bkny2016 - Dec 10, 2016
And very easy to use.

Love it!!!
by Viji -outofnames - Dec 08, 2016
It's a great app works really well.

Use it every night!
by Ili4carmen - Dec 08, 2016
The fan noise puts my 3 month old fast asleep. Other apps fan noise were too noisy or didn't sound real. Love that it still plays even after you close it, and there's so many options. I absolutely love it!

Love it!
by BunnyBee1922 - Dec 06, 2016
I love this app, really helps to relax me and blocks out any noise perfectly, works wonderfully to help me sleep.

Great for my baby!
by Joe elly - Dec 06, 2016
The fan sound works great for keeping my baby asleep!

This is the ONE
by Theophan21 - Dec 03, 2016
I tried a few different sleep apps or white noise devices but I'm not looking anymore. This one is just perfect.

Review of noise app
by Reeroyle - Dec 02, 2016
Great app great sounds helps me drift of into a nice sleep or relax when feeling stressed

by StickFigureM - Dec 01, 2016
Drowns out my husband's snoring! Great app.

Awesome app!!!
by Chymekeeper - Nov 28, 2016
I have been having trouble sleeping and was looking for an app to help me sleep. Found this app and I get so relaxed I fall asleep fast and deep. I recommend you get it!!! 5/5 Stars

The best sleep app
by Wintervp - Nov 28, 2016
The best sleep noise app I've ever used. Simple and streamlined. Easy to use. My baby and I use this every night. I love that it plays for 40 minutes and then turns off. Will recommend to friends!

Very helpful
by MaDRys - Nov 28, 2016
This is a very helpful app to fall asleep to!

Ocean sounds
by Loon Lake - Nov 27, 2016
This a great app I love going to sleep listening to one of recordings!

by Blanch0421 - Nov 24, 2016
Downloaded it to test a theory and now I can't sleep without it! Same goes for my toddler. Phenomenal!

Great app!
by A Urvois - Nov 23, 2016
Great app for use to fall asleep. Use it fir my baby to sleep every time we travel so we don't have to bring along the sound machine.

by Jennitools - Nov 22, 2016
Great for sending my newborn off to sleep :)

by Ting blandness - Nov 21, 2016
All sounds are perfect. Helps put baby to sleep in no time.

Great app
by Lya@Ray - Nov 21, 2016
I like this app. It helps me for putting my baby to sleep. I like the fact that it has sounds for 1 hour free of charge.

by Gabrielle142 - Nov 18, 2016
I love it!!!!!

Great app
by Brosieone - Nov 17, 2016
The uterine sound is very helpful and comforting to the newborn instantly calms the neonate also helps with puppies newly separated from litter/ mom stops whining.

by Juneflad - Nov 10, 2016
Really great. Use it everyday with my baby

Don't know what I would do
by CuseStuckInWa - Nov 10, 2016
Without this app I'm sure I would only get 2-3 hours of sleep a night.

Love it!!
by lovemermaids - Nov 09, 2016
I bought this for my newborn. Of course he likes the womb sounds the best. It even puts me to sleep. I love how it continues playing even when you close out of the app. Makes it so much better. I definitely recommend this app! :)

by MimiSik - Nov 07, 2016
Tem me ajudado muito! Recomendo

The best background noise app!
by meremo36 - Nov 05, 2016
I've tried multiple background noise apps but this one is by far my favorite! Simple design and easy to use! It helps me fall asleep and stay focused during the day! Love this app!!

Great app
by fnarf - Nov 05, 2016
I didn't know how this app would function and if it would help me with getting to sleep. Well, happy to say - I LOVE this app.

Useful for infants
by Kat725 - Nov 03, 2016
I've used this with my LO when we're out and about, or just at home and it's helpful to get her settled into sleep. Sanity saver!

Very Relaxing
by taperraaa - Nov 02, 2016
This app is so awesome, it puts me right to sleep. I'm considering purchasing the whole thing.

Great app
by Myster4wolf - Oct 31, 2016
Use it nightly to go to sleep great sounds wish there were more like it

Great App
by Jimmyhua73 - Oct 29, 2016
Great Simple App that generates white noise for babies

Great app... easy to use...
by Spv1002 - Oct 26, 2016
Great app, easy to use, no extra confusing things to take up space, just nice white noise to help you sleep!

by Beba2627 - Oct 23, 2016
Очень здоровское приложение для родителей новорожденных малышей. Детки очень быстро засыпают под Утроб и Белый шум.

Buena opción
by Ángel Luis - Oct 19, 2016
Tiene muchas variedades de sonidos. En su mayoría relajan al bebe. Recomendable aunque no siempre es útil 😬

by Qingkoo - Oct 18, 2016
Recommend for those parents who need a white noise app that play as background..

So great!
by Wil1470 - Oct 04, 2016
It's changed the way I sleep for the better! It shuts off after an extended period of time which is perfect! Lots of sounds to choose from.

by Fitwhit807 - Sep 25, 2016
We have been using this app since our little one was born almost. Nothing calms her down like the sound of a vacuum. We throw it on in the car or in public when she's just getting too stimulated and it really helps keep her calm. I like the hour long duration bc I can use it when I put her down for a nap and it will ensure she gets an hour of sleep and then it will shut off to let her wake up when she wants.

by Ajayda - Sep 23, 2016
I downloaded this app just after my son was born and I've been using the womb and pink noise sounds nightly. It's the perfect app for helping him to fall asleep and stay asleep. Best of all my husband who is very sensitive to noises barely notices the hum in the background. I've recommended this app to all of my preggo friends and new mamas!

Exactly what I'm looking for!
by mylilownaznworld - Sep 21, 2016
It's really hard to find a perfect app with the white noise that you are looking for! In my case, it was brown noise. The app is super simple to navigate and doesn't get too exotic with the options. I like it.

by Alycat916 - Sep 19, 2016
I use this app to help my baby fall asleep. It's very user friendly, looks nice, and there are tons of options. I personally love the hour run time, I never have to remember to turn it off :)

One of the best!
by Conor717 - Sep 17, 2016
First of all, shame on Shar????$$ that left a negative review. Of course the demo is only going to run for an hour... hello. D-E-M-O! And of course it's to get you to purchase upgrade. Isn't that the point of creating these apps? It's called a business.... mind your own instead of being negative. I've purchased many sound apps and the sounds are great and the customer support is awesome and the developer is open to suggestions for other sounds. Great app, keep doing what your doing! For the record, I'm a real customer not a negative competitor like some!

by Filo0479 - Sep 14, 2016
Piu d una volta ci ha salvato aiutandoci ad addormentare il piccolo, grazie!

by C1ndylouwho - Sep 13, 2016
I love this app, I have only used the distant thunder sound, but it definitely sounds as real and wonderful as a storm right outside my window is!!! Thanks

by Kaykaykaykay1233456789 - Sep 10, 2016
I use this app to soothe my newborn baby. It helps so much!

Saving Grace!
by Cgriffi3 - Sep 9, 2016
This app is basically the only way I can get my newborn to sleep! She loves the medium rain! If it wasn't for this app I wouldn't ever get sleep!

Close your eyes and relax
by Ogdenguy52 - Sep 7, 2016
Love these sounds, for me the mechanical ones are very soothing. Great app.

Deep Sleep
by Dottie Jane - Sep 7, 2016
Love this! Use it every night. Lots of options; sounds are great!

Love it!
by OkanaganFan - Sep 5, 2016
Helps me sleep especially when travelling.

Like it
by Емкей - Aug 30, 2016
Very helpful with little babies!:))

great app, simple to use
by HarryGre - Aug 27, 2016
I've found this app really handy for helping get bub to sleep. there's a good variety of sounds (perhaps to relieve the monotony for me as much as for bub!).

Great for babies also
by Greatapptodownload789097 - Aug 25, 2016
The vacuum and the fan mode help my newborn fall and stay asleep. Great app.

by Moba diana - Aug 23, 2016
Nice app Useful one

Perfect Sleeping App
by Enoobyhprum031090 - Aug 19, 2016
I use this app every night and absolutely love it!

It Works!
by Johnnyboy1 - Aug 15, 2016
Works great with my daughter.

Fantastic Ap!! My son sleeps soundly to the distant thunder sound
by Rested Fathe - Aug 14, 2016
I use this App daily

Great app!
by MlaymanAH - Aug 12, 2016
This app comes in handy for my family every night! I have to have some noise and distant thunder is my favorite, it puts me right to sleep and it does the same for my toddler! Wonderful app! Give it a try!

lovelovelove this app!
by Kaybear946 - Aug 8, 2016
Everytime I turn this app on my baby falls right to sleep! I personally love the (light)Rain sound.

by BabyGirl#2 - Aug 8, 2016
My newborn loves this app. It has great options and sound variety. I especially love that the sounds fade in and out after being turned on or off. Other apps I've tried always start and stop abruptly, usually startling the baby and causing her to be restless longer.

Who knew...?
by ssstillH2O - Aug 4, 2016
Who knew something so simple as background noise could help you sleep? A variety of options to suit individual preferences too.

Nice Work
by borisyurkevich - Jul 29, 2016
Looks like good iOS citizen, nice interface.

Sleep sounds
by Follower of Sunshine - Jul 28, 2016
This is one of several apps I've tried. I fall asleep fast each time I use the app. I rest more peaceful with more REM sleep Thank you. My only request would be to make each sound softer pls Thank-you Follower of Sunshine

Sweet dreams
by Treeskivt - Jul 27, 2016
Helps my little one fall (and stay) asleep!

I love this app
by Tinkerbombshell - Jul 27, 2016
I use this app to help myself sleep and the kids I babysit. Works great, my favorite has to be the fan! Thanks so much!!

Love this App!
by Nubar15 - Jul 21, 2016
Fantastic App! Baby loves it calms her down and falls asleep soundly with the various sounds!!

Magical for baby
by IdahoRD - Jul 10, 2016
We couldn't get & keep our baby asleep without having this in shared spaces I.e. Hotel, RV, guest rooms.

Great sounds for studying
by Kellym101673 - Jul 2, 2016
Helps me remained focused and quickly comeback to the present moment

Great app!
by 🔥🔥😁😁😁 - Jun 28, 2016
The fan and air filter are a gift from God!

Favorite app for sleep
by LaurLaurL - Jun 28, 2016
I love going to sleep with the air filter sound from this app!

by cerosfx - Jun 22, 2016
I love it. It helps me sleep better.

by Dusty gah kg d&g had dgjbddh - Jun 18, 2016

Baby whisperer!
by Hoggy83 - Jun 16, 2016
This app has made nappy changing a much less stressful experience! Our baby boy loves the sound of the hairdryer, it relaxes him straight away! Highly recommended for babies that like loud white noise!

Great for babies also
by Greatapptodownload789097 - Jun 13, 2016
The vacuum and the fan mode help my newborn fall and stay asleep. Great app.

by Hannahg16 - Jun 10, 2016
Used to sleep with a box fan but now I'm addicted to the air filter sound! Awesome!

by Shamese-e-me - Jun 4, 2016
I absolutely love this app. Now I can't sleep without the fan sound at night! It's even better because I can't catch a cold sleeping with the fan on lol all the other sounds are 👌🏾 too!!!

Great for my newborn!
by Erinmeg - May 23, 2016

This app is a God given gift!
by Chiarifit12 - May 17, 2016
I've always had such a hard time falling asleep at night without some kind of noise. I used to watch Netflix or YouTube, but I found myself just staying up and watching it, defeating the purpose of putting it on in the first place. This app has so many choices on sleep sounds and it seriously puts me to sleep in minutes, and it's always a good, restful sleep too! I recommend it to everyone, I ever got my boyfriend to download it, and it helps me to drown out his snoring sometimes! I wish I would have found this app sooner, but definitely glad I have it now!

Deep sleep guaranteed!
by Apppmister - May 15, 2016
I've tried a lot of sleep sound apps, but this is by far the best! Only recommendation for a fix would be to make the timer longer than 2 hours! Other than that this app is unquestionably worth five stars

Great app
by Jojo 318 - May 15, 2016
This is a great app like the white noise I can actually use it

Get ready for a good night sleep
by LAAngel - May 13, 2016
I have always used a clock radio to have noise to sleep by. But when I went away on a trip, I forgot my clock. So I turned to the App Store and found this app. Now this is more convenient and portable. Also it has more options. I will never go back to a clock radio. Download this app now for a good night sleep.

by MiszMonica - May 12, 2016
Love it!! My baby girl loves the sounds puts her to sleep right away

So helpful
by Sammyxu825 - May 10, 2016
Use it to put my kids to sleep l, very helpful, thanks!!

Great night sleep!
by Well Rested _ - May 8, 2016
This app helped me fall asleep and rest soundly all night! My wife as trouble falling asleep and was skeptical at first but after two nights loved it too!

Great app
by 30Mind - May 7, 2016
Great variety. I downloaded it when I forgot my son's regular sound machine. Since then I've been using it for myself.

Baby loves!
by Mjmom415 - May 7, 2016
Our newborn loves it and so do we! 💤

Been a lifesaver with newborn
by ShayTastico - May 6, 2016
Have used this app nightly since coming home with our daughter!

by havefaith18 - May 3, 2016
Best app for sleeping! Love it

by Jenn S - Mar 15, 2016
The sounds are actually really soothing! Some other white noises are of bad quality. I really like this app!! Just wish the time wasn't limited if there was a way to do that. :)

Quality Sound
by Upnorth12 - Feb 22, 2016
I searched for a good sleep machine and this one sounds the best . It doesn't sound cheap and tinny like some other ones and the sound doesn't blip or skip. This is a lifesaver that drowns out noises in hotel hallways so I can get a good night sleep . I will gladly pay the 2.99 for the version that has a continuos play mode .

Truly works like Magic
by al ryand - Feb 17, 2016
We use this app everyday to help our baby fall asleep. I will be upgrading to the Pro version.